Becoming a more self-directing Staff+ individual contributor

I’ve spent the last five years of my career in Staff and Principal roles and have always hit a point where I feared inertia was taking over. In my last two roles, I’ve found a way of refocusing the role that works for me, and LeadDev have kindly asked me to share it with the world. I sincerely hope this helps more people. Please do let me know if it helped you. Continue to read Becoming a more self-directing Staff+ individual contributor.
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A Fence, a Deviance and a Window

Imagine you’re joining a new role and see something that makes you go “wtaf did they think when they did this?!” - what’s the first thing you do? If your answer is “change it,” then chances are you’re wrong. To explain why, let’s visit a fence, a deviance and a window. As software engineers, our initial drive is to 👏🏻solve👏🏻all👏🏻the👏🏻problems👏🏻… but what looks like a problem isn’t necessarily one. Chesterton’s Fence essentially says “there’s a fence, you don’t know why, don’t go removing it before understanding it.
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Refactoring and Trust

Refactoring has many faces. When you start out, a fresh-faced developer, your only goal is to make your code Do The Thing. You forgot that semicolon or that loop was off-by-one and it took you the whole day to wade through those error messages to figure that stuff out and you’re on top of the world because you Fixed The Code and what do you mean change the code it WORKS NOW. Some years pass,
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